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Negotiation Strategies and Skills








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In a world of flat, lean organizations and new forms of global partnerships, effective negotiation strategies and skills are essential for individual success. From an organizational perspective, the negotiation process is a key element in value creation. In this program, you will actively examine negotiations with external parties and negotiations within organizations. Primary emphasis is on negotiation strategies that enable individuals to create value in a manner that enhances long-term relationships. The program will also address cultural differences affecting negotiating styles.

Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively

  • Building positive interpersonal relationships

  • The importance of effective communication

  • What is supportive communication?

  • Principles of supportive communication

  • The personal management interview

Gaining Power and Influence

  • Building a strong power base and using influence wisely

  • Is power a four-letter word?

  • Abuse of power

  • Influence strategies: the three Rs

  • The pros and cons of each strategy

  • Acting assertively: neutralizing influence attempts

Motivating Others

  • Increasing motivation and performance

  • Diagnosing work performance problems

  • Enhancing individuals’ abilities

  • Fostering a motivating work environment

  • Elements of an effective motivation programme

Managing Conflict

  • Interpersonal conflict management

  • Diagnosing the types of interpersonal conflict

  • Selecting the appropriate conflict management approach

  • Resolving interpersonal confrontations

Who Should Attend

Individuals from a wide range of job seekers, organizations, industries, and functional backgrounds throughout are encouraged to attend. You will gain the greatest benefit from this program if you are a manager seeking to:

Create value for your organization through the use of negotiation and dispute-resolution strategies and skills.
Enhance your encounters with customers, employees, suppliers, partners, prospective partners, investors, or other stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes

You will leave with hands-on experience in a variety of negotiation techniques, which will enable you to:

- Develop a successful negotiation style.
- Provide effective leadership in deal-making and dispute resolution.
- Develop organizational negotiation and dispute resolution competency.

Through the use of cases, videos, peer feedback, personal journals, negotiation simulations and other exercises, you will:

- Understand and practice negotiation and dispute resolution processes.
- Evaluate your own negotiation and dispute resolution style.
- Critically evaluate and improve your own negotiation and dispute resolution experiences.
- Develop the informal dispute resolution skills that are essential to effective leadership.

What is Included:

  • Express yourself effectively.

  • Through active participation in negotiation simulations and exercises with other participants, you will establish a network of contacts who are interested in learning about negotiation and dispute resolution.

  • One to One professional IBA certified trainer.

  • Course Completion Certificate 

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