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Course Outline

With English as the global language of choice for all aspects of business, many corporations expect their employees to use spoken and written English to communicate effectively at work.​

In our IBA Business English course, you will learn how to express yourself more fluently and confidently when communicating with clients and colleagues at different levels and in various work situations. You’ll get exposed to negotiation, confrontation, critical thinking and British business culture. You’ll remain in a business-like atmosphere and be referred to as “Clients” not “students”.

You’ll spend the week, opening every session with a look at the day’s real-world business news through professional publications. You’ll spend the week picking up authentic business terminology and vocabulary through business themed training tasks, which will lead to an end of course seminar & board meeting where you’ll fight for your place on the board, or for your radical new project to be accepted into company culture.

Target Audience

This course is designed for people who have digital skills but would like to build confidence in using digital technology in the workplace.

This may include those studying for A-levels, those who have a degree, or those who want to improve their career prospects.

The course will also be useful for anyone in employment who wants to boost their digital skills or anyone returning to the workplace who’d like to gain confidence in how working practices has evolved.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this Business Communication skills course, you will be able to:

  • Small talk in the business world

  • Negotiating and persuading

  • Participating in meetings

  • Presentation skills

  • Interview skills

  • Writing reports, emails and business documents

  • English for quality control

  • English for project management

  • Corporate finance

  • The Dynamics of Strategy

  • Identify your personal communications style.

  • Explore different communication platforms.

  • Reflect on whether your communication is aligned to your goals.

  • Apply your communication style in the workplace.

  • Engage in challenging conversations with positive outcomes.

  • Reflect on your personal style and technique.

What is Included:

  • Express yourself effectively.

  • One to One professional IBA certified trainer.

  • Course Completion Certificate 

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